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Rainy by Grace Gockel ‘16 on Flickr.
view from the Outdoor Environmental Club house.

Rainy by Grace Gockel ‘16 on Flickr.

view from the Outdoor Environmental Club house.


***this is a periodic installment of one day in my life in college, if you missed chapter one you can check it out here***

Now its time to go back to WAC -the building I was in for class earlier. It’s where most of the Lit Study/English/Language classes happen. It’s made out of stone and it’s pretty and intimidating and kind of cold but thats what english majors like right? idk. 

I have more time on the walk back so I took some pictures of stuff on the way to class:imagethat’s the President’s house, right next to the library (you can’t see the library in this picture). I’m probably less than 500 feet away from class in this pic.imageThat’s Middle College it’s a very collegiate building sorry about the trees in the way they’re everywhere and I don’t have time to take super perfect pics for you guys cause I’m also going to class and stuff.  imageBeloit College sign fun fact Beloit is the oldest college in Wisconsin it was founded in 1846 as you can clearly see from the sign.

imageThis is a bad tree filled picture of WAC where I’m going to class it’s where most of my classes are because I’m a very cool English major.

here’s me being a bad camera guy as i walk into WAC 

that’s the entrance of WAC. Also WAC is short for World Affairs Center or something its not just three letters okay? cool. Its time for class: 

classtime classtime

TRICKED YOU! This isn’t actually a class. I usually have class in this room at this time but my professor is celebrating passover so we came in to work on our creative project which is due soon. The guy with the curly hair is doing a giant game of Dungeons and Dragons except it’s about post-colonialist feminist theory instead of crazy goblins and stuff. I’m gonna be a rogue bugbear (idk what that is but I’m excited to play). Check it out:



so yeah, that class is called Carribean American Women Writers btw it’s crazy crazy good I highly recommend it. 

***end of chapter two. goodbye internet**

Bits & Pieces being awesome like usual.  (Still not biased.) -NM


Hello tumblr followers this is your favorite beloit kid coming to you live from web services *shoutout to me for being employed*

I’m doing this crazy day in the life post on here about being a kid at Beloit and going to classes and doing homework and stuff and I’m taking a ton of pictures so here it goeeeees:

I got out of bed a little late so we’re going to start from there. I woke up like this:


that’s not actually me haha. That’s a bowl of generic captain crunch with crunch berries with marshmallows. Ik right u guys are all super jealous now. 

Even though I woke up late it was a productive morning. I finally got in contact with a landlord about a cool apartment to live in next semester and I sent the application and security deposit today so congratulate me in an ask on here or something yeah woooo.


After all that busy stuff I sprinted really fast to class because I thought I was gonna be late. Lucky for me I’m really good at running and I live a block away from my class so I BEAT MY PROFESSOR TO CLASS!!! YEAHHHH!! high five. the class is Creative Non Fiction where we write memoirs and personal essays. Its a really good class and there’s a fireplace in the classroom so its a pretty good situation all around. I took some candid in class shots u can check em out down below:


that’s my professor Shawn, he’s my advisor too which means he’s partly responsible for making sure I graduate. looks like he’s doin his job pretty well so far lol.


This is a reading we’re doing to get a better sense of writing about place. It’s by Orhan Pamuk who is a super good Turkish writer and this piece is basically a giant run on sentence about what its like to live in Istanbul. Cool stuff Orhan.

Class is over and I remember I have to run home and get an Add/Drop card so I go home really fast. Add/Drop cards let you add classes to your schedule after online registration is over. It’s old school and very collegiate. I got the Add/Drop card and took a break for pizza rolls.


you can see the Add/Drop card is in my hand too if you look close. 10 points if you can find it. haha the points don’t mean anything but congrats. It’s that curved green thing. 
***This post is one day in my life released in chapters like an old british serial except the posts will come at random instead of monthly like in dickens’ times so u better b checkin ur feed if u like my stuff -tan the man***

a day in the life (Grace’s life)

8:00am - Alarm goes off, hit snooze
8:45 - nope that wasn’t the snooze button. check emails n stuff in my room, then off to Commons for breakfast (bagels on bagels)
(open window, very nice weather, plants are a-bloomin)
9:56 - head upstairs for Northern Renaissance (art history class). Instead of lecture and discussion it’s just renaissance artmaking day!! sweet. Got to try silverpoint yisss! It’s basically like pencil but you can’t erase it and it’s made of silver.
11:51pm - Lunch in Moore Lounge. black bean burger from DK’s is a must!!

12:55pm - Head back to the Wright for printmaking class. Workin on this lady:
2:35 - Done with classes for the day! Head to library to work on a paper on Humanist Renaissance artists
3:57 - Head back home to start cooking for co-op! (I live in the OEC house and we have a vegetarian dinner coop. We eat together 5 nights of the week) 
6:00 - Dinnnner time in the vegetarian co-op! Alex and I made roasted red pepper chickpea salad (recipe) (If you are into cooking or wish you were I HIGHLY recommend checkin out, a super food/recipe blog)
(dishes and cleanup until 7)

7:30 - Weekly game of Settlers of Catan with friends! (I lose, of course, because everyone gangs up on me)

9:49 - Head back to studio to finish last woodcut print
11:01 - pass Middle College lookin good at night

11:05 - To the library to finish homework.

12:36 - Home, to bed (water plants first) (I really love my plants)

Bits & Pieces 2014 Spring Concert

This group is awesome. (I’m totally not biased.) - NM

I went on a walk to Turtle Creek last Saturday morning and made this little video. It’s getting warmer and sunnier everyday now!

(the song is You Were Born by Cloud Cult)


found this crazy job at google. i’ve been applying pretty much all week.


Now here’s some good singing from the student run acapella group on campus, Bits & Pieces!  (I’m totally not biased, honest!) -NM

The MI arch on a beautiful spring day. #tbt #nofilter
Well, since this week is a return to the harsh winter weather we have been seeing, here’s something I found interesting.  Now obviously, you wouldn’t want to do this somewhere people tend to walk, but since water tends to freeze in cold weather (yes, only tends to), you could do some water drawing like this little Ice Turtle I came across two nights ago.  See, there’s some fun to be had in the cold weather…right…? <_<  NM
its doges all the way down
happy midterms
woof -tanner

its doges all the way down

happy midterms

woof -tanner

I’m Snow Sorry

So, I get the feeling that this epic weather we’ve been experiencing is kind of my fault.  You see, when I was abroad in Japan last year and staying in the Osaka/Kyoto area, I maybe saw snow fall only twice, and even then it never stuck.  It was only when I traveled to Hokkaido in the north over the spring break did I even get to see any significant amount of snow.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m from the Beloit area (just south, in Rockton), and winter isn’t winter without some snow accumulation.  Thus, I wished that this winter would be full of snow as to make up for the lack of it last year…and boy were my wishes excessively answered.  We’ve seen inch upon inch of accumulation over the past few months, and the temperature has on occasioned preferred to stay negative all day.

But!  But!  But wait!  I don’t wish to take all the blame just because of a whimsical wish of mine.  I can say, as a resident of the area, that this is the worst winter that has occurred in my (of about 18 years).  Trying to confirm this with my father, he told me that there was a similar event in 1979 and that, either shortly before or after I was born, he got stuck on our road due to impassible snow drifts.  Thus…coincidence?

In any case, I just wanted the snow (and who doesn’t want snow?! xD).  This cold weather can be gone already so far as I care, but lets keep the snow for a little while longer…

…please? NM

A BC V Day: Suggestions 4 Cool Beloit Valentines Day Stuff

Hey everyone. Today is February 6th which means in eight days it will officially be Valentines Day. Personally I don’t really get into this type of thing, but I am personally aware of a lot of relationships/non relationships/long distance relationships/awkward kissing/weird facebook messages/classroom stares/singular declarations of celibacy/non committal co habitations here on campus. This purpose of this great post is to guide you around campus/the city and help you get through V Day. I’ve been around here for a while so I will list things to do in kind of a round robin stream of consciousness type way. Hopefully I’ll hit on something you like. 


The Bridge This is more of a spring/fall thing but honestly its crazy easy to get kissed on the walking bridge behind the athletic center. Go at night or sunset. I’m not sure of the weather but yeah the bridge is a good call. You have the dam on one side, the huge old brick plant thing on the other, the weirdly tastefully lit road bridge in front of you, and its all ice and snow beneath you and it creates that singular romantic focus pretty well. You’re out there over frozen water in a fairly private place that is also kind of pretty and romantic. Chances are if you’ve been flirting with your person of interest they’re going to say yes to a walk. If you really want to break the rules together feel free to copy these lovebirds.


Find a Room and Don’t Leave ItIdk about you guys but this is my personal favorite valentines day activity. I recommend something private and relatively soundproof. That way you can enjoy not seeing anyone kiss anyone else without asking you if its cool first. Also you can wear whatever you want, draw on yourself, eat as much food as you want, and generally participate in any Valentines Day rituals you practice away from judging eyes.


As a strong believer in not going to bushel & pecks for valentines dinner,  I endorse this place. It’s really the best place for a date. Rose is crazy nice and funny and gives you something to talk about. Plus the food is really good and impossible to eat like a tidy person so you can bond with your date over that i guess. Personally though if I had to recommend a V Day dinner it would be Palermo’s in bed. Order two meals and leave the room to bring the person you like some food.


Leave Campus

Seriously, get out of here. Campus is weird on Valentines Day. Tickets to Madison are four dollars in accounting. If you’re serious about V Day not here is the place to be.